Face Mist

with hemp root oil

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Soothe and cool with a single spray. This gently astringent toner calms sensitive skin while firming and hydrating. Use throughout the day or as a first step before moisturizer. Containing both tea tree and witch hazel, this pH-balanced formula helps to refresh skin and deliver a more consistent texture. We add green tea extract (rich in polyphenols) and a soothing blend of essential oils—along with our signature hemp root oil, which can help boost absorption.

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How does the Balance Face Mist soothe sensitive skin?

This formula contains ultra-calming ingredients, including our hemp root oil (extracted using our patent-pending process), hemp seed oil (full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals) and green tea extract (rich in antioxidants). We also added a soothing combo of essential oils. The result: a mist that cleanses the skin and helps counteract the effects of irritation.

Key Ingredients


  • Natural ingredients
  • Made without parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, artificial fragrances, dye, formaldehyde-forming agents or phthalates
  • THC-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Crafted in our lab in Vancouver, BC

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  1. Alanna H.

    I just started using the Urban Juve product line and the face mist is fantastic. The scent changes the way I feel through the day. I keep it at my desk and use it often to give me energy.