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Face Mist

with hemp root oil

3 Reviews

The ultimate pick-me-up. This spray toner soothes and tones, while helping control excess oil and refresh acne-prone skin. Use throughout the day or as a first step before moisturizer. With a powerhouse combo of peppermint and aloe leaf, this formula reduces the look of puffiness and helps pores appear smaller. We add cucumber skin powder for its astringent properties, as well as our signature hemp root oil, which can help boost absorption.

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What ingredients in the Align Face Mist are good for oily skin?

With this formulation, we want to refresh oily skin—that means toning and tightening, as well as making large pores appear smaller. Cooling peppermint water, aloe leaf juice and cucumber skin powder are all key players.

Key Ingredients


  • Natural ingredients
  • Made without parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, artificial fragrances, dye, formaldehyde-forming agents or phthalates
  • THC-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Crafted in our lab in Vancouver, BC

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  1. Claire F.

    Ok so I’m not usually one to leave reviews for products but this is a must. I absolutely love this facial mist! It’s so refreshing and perfect for my combination skin! This product locks in moisture for a radiant, dewy and ethereal glow. I keep one in my purse with me to awaken my skin throughout the day. My boyfriend has been using this as a toner in the morning and has been loving the results. This is a must have product for summer! I will definitely be purchasing again!

  2. Daxia G.

    This mist leaves a minty feeling behind, which is very refreshing. I would avoid spraying it around the eyes because it would probably sting if it got in your eye. Similarly to some other mists, I close my eyes, spray and don’t open my eyes until it’s dried down a bit. Fanning your face with your hand will help speed that up too haha. It’s a spray toner, so you could always just spray it onto a cotton pad and swipe it on your skin. It has peppermint, aloe and cucumber which I’ve found to be soothing. Since it’s part of the Align body bio, the mist will help control excess oil production.

  3. Stephen S.

    Such a refreshing feeling on my skin. My staff and I reapply constantly throughout the day. It makes our whole office smell like a spa. I like that both men and women can use the same products.