Daily Ritual Oil

with hemp seed oil

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Smooth your skin, boost your mood. This naturally fragrant body oil seals in moisture after bathing, leaving skin beautifully soft—and never greasy. The best part of your day. We start with a base of hemp seed, olive and sunflower seed oils, enriched with herbal essential oils. This antioxidant-packed formula helps to control excess oil and protect the skin’s barrier. The crisp, herbaceous scent is deeply relaxing.

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Tips from our in-house Ayurvedic practitioner.

Won’t an oil-based moisturizer make my skin more oily?

Nope—this is a common myth. When your skin is stripped of its natural oils, your sebaceous glands go into overdrive, producing pore-clogging sebum as a means of protection. By supplying the nutrients your skin needs, oil-based products can help your body regulate its oil production, even though it seems counterintuitive.

Key Ingredients


  • Natural ingredients
  • Made without parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, artificial fragrances, dye, formaldehyde-forming agents or phthalates
  • THC-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Crafted in our lab in Vancouver, BC

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  1. Daxia G.

    It’s summertime, which is when I switch from body lotion to body oils! Body oils are my favorite after a bath or shower. Having damp skin when applying it is basically the key. This body oil is really hydrating and it absorbs almost immediately, leaving your skin soft to the touch and not greasy. It even leaves behind a subtle glow. It has somewhat of an earthy, olive scent to it (from the olive fruit oil)

  2. Candice M.

    I love the smell and feel on my body! Such a luxurious blend of essential oils that aren’t overpowering. I’m also using this product on my son who suffers from dry patches. Very calming for his baby skin.