If the Game of Thrones houses were skincare

Let's be honest – the Game of Thrones characters could all probably use some quality skincare at this point. 

The Sunday Edit said, "While I think it is safe to say Daenerys isn’t exfoliating or using an antioxidant serum before plunging into battle, we can give some of the houses their own skincare product."

According to them, House Stark would be sunscreen because protecting your skin is important even in the winter. House Greyjoy is all about moisturizer and Baratheon is Vitamin C. 

What's your Game of Thrones house? 

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And while they might have once been a great house, there are a lot of marks to their name: Robert is the reason Ned Stark went to King’s Landing in the first place, Stannis burned his child at the stake, and Renly was killed by a shadow.And being that the Highgarden

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