Ancient Skincare for Modern Life

The cannabis plant is widely known for its buds and leaves, but we’re introducing you to the real MVP—the roots and seeds, and particularly, their oils. Hemp oil is the unsung hero of plant-based wellness. It’s been used in Ayurvedic practices over centuries and is a must-have in holistic beauty rituals. Both Hemp root oil and hemp seed oil are pure derivatives of the cannabis plant, but take note—neither contains THC or CBD. Hemp oil packs a major punch when it comes to benefits for your skin, and since skincare is a pillar of self-care, we’re sharing the top three properties that make hemp oil the ultimate skincare saviour.

Hemp Root Oil Vs Hemp Seed Oil

First, let’s talk types. There are two when it comes to Hemp oil—that derived from the root, and that derived from the tiny seeds. Each is beneficial, but in different ways. Hemp root oil has been used for its medicinal properties over centuries, but we’ve unlocked it’s potential as a skincare must-have due to the synergistic effect of its cannabinoids and antioxidants. This combination provides ultra-absorption, anti-inflammatory, and repairing properties for skin. Hemp seed oil is a teeny tiny wonder. Its nutrient-rich make-up (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids—and more) provides anti-aging benefits and sun protection. On top of that, it’s a humectant, which means that it penetrates skin for deeper absorption and lasting effects.

Nature’s Hydration Hero

Healthy, rejuvenated skin is at the top of everyone’s list, and hemp root oil is a universally quenching ingredient. It’s made up of compounds called Terpenes, which are major absorption enhancers and penetration promoters. Terpenes in hemp root oil allow the substance to penetrate the skin’s outer surface for deeper rejuvenation. Look for formulas that pair hemp root oil with other moisture must-haves, like hyaluaranic acid. Our Anti-aging serum has both, making it a goto for dew.

Super for Your Skin

Hemp seed oil is nutrient-rich, delivering skincare essentials in one multitasking ingredient. A single drop of this magic oil contains EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), antioxidants, vitamins E and A, and minerals, making it a heavy-hitter in your cosmetic formulas. It also provides protective qualities and conserves against moisture loss. If dry, cracked lips are a reality for you, the Lip Balm—with both hemp root and hemp seed oils—is a pure and potent choice for everyday care.

Balanced Like a Boss

Yes, there’s more. Hemp seed oil calms skin and reduces redness. Its astringent nature balances sebum, while rich fatty acids soothe irritated skin and correct redness. Hemp seed oil has a high linoleic acid content, which is something our body naturally produces, so it helps to regulate sebum production and get you back to balance. For soothed skin, the Balance Terpene-Rich Face Moisturizer includes Juniper Berry and Jasmine, natural champions against toxins that work with Hemp to create lasting results for real life.

If it’s time to let go of toxic ingredients and adopt a holistic approach to your wellness routine, you’ll love getting naturally nurtured with the benefits of hemp, skincare’s all-in-one wonder.