Naturally Nurtured with Hemp Root Oil

There’s a lot to be said about the healing benefits of the hemp plant. While it is most widely revered for its buds and seeds, a lesser known part of the plant is making its debut as a wellness wonder—its roots. These tiny tendrils are packed with a powerful ingredient that can revolutionize your health game. We’re talking about Hemp Root Oil, and we want to share why this ancient ingredient is such a health hero.

Rooted Deep in the Past

Hemp plant and root have been used in Ayurvedic practices for centuries. Ayurveda [link to the intro to Ayurveda article] is an ancient holistic science, originating in India, that aims to bring complete balance in body, mind, and spirit. Traces of the use of Hemp plant dates back thousands of years, with evidence in holistic practices in India, Egypt, and China. Early medical marijuana formulators recognized that the root of the plant could be used for therapeutic benefit, and began experimenting with the compounds derived from them. Based on all the ancient medical data and scientific papers our company started the research of the root extracting the oil to formulate different  What we found during our research was the presence of different compounds available in the root which made the oil highly bioavailable. Terpenes and other compounds found in the oil interacted with the skin’s microconstituents that are responsible for maintenance of the barrier status allowing the therapeutic value of the topical to penetrate below the hard outer surface of the skin.

It Has Major Bio Benefits 

In simple terms, bioavailability refers to the ease with which an ingredient or substance enters the body for maximum benefits. Surprise surprise, hemp root oil is highly bioavailable, making all of its properties especially potent. That’s why we’ve created a proprietary blend for our products that is both efficient and effective. 

Hemp root oil is s fresh, lightweight oil with a pale yellow colour and silky texture. Our blend is rich in seven fatty acids, including lauric acid and omega 6 (both skincare wonders). It also contains iron, vitamin E, and other nutrient-rich enzymes that aid in all kinds of healing actions for the skin. Along with these ideal ingredients, hemp root oil is rich in terpenes and triterpenoids, anti-inflammatory compounds that have a wide range of medicinal benefits. 

It’s a Dream Ingredient

When it comes to skincare, it would be difficult to find a natural ingredient that packs as much of a punch as Hemp Root Oil. All of the above ingredients deliver serious health benefits, like antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Hemp Root Oil also speeds healing, aids in the repair of damaged cells, deeply moisturizes, naturally protects the skin, and helps regulate the skin’s oil production. And there’s more. It’s also proven to be an effective ingredient in anti-ageing, thanks to its superstar lineup of nutrient-rich, antioxidant ingredients. 

Hemp Root Oil is more than an ingredient, it’s one of nature’s most powerful gifts. There’s a reason it is steadfastly becoming a skincare hero, and its presence throughout history is now backed by decades of scientific research. If you’re not already on it, we’d say it’s a great time to jump on the hemp root oil bandwagon.