The Deliciously Melodramatic Uprising of ‘Snail Mail’

Only 19, ​Lindsey Jordan​ is taking the indie rock world of music by storm with unmistakable charisma, raw musical talent, and emotional intelligence beyond her years – And we’re along for this deliciously dramatic coming-of-age rollercoaster.

Let the badassery commence; Snail Mail is on the brink of something huge, and she’s only just graduated high school. With years of classical guitar training behind her and the emotional depth of a thousand seas, she’s somehow managed to dive deep into emotional depths with her music that many struggle their entire lifetimes to put into words – Or in Snail Mail’s case, into undoubtedly cool and virtuous guitar riffs.

On the band’s debut album “Lush”, a 10-track daydream paced to near perfection, you hear it all: the growing pains, the heartbreaks that come with realizing you’re not enough for a person, and the seemingly life-stopping dramas that come along with passing through the teenage years. And yet, Snail Mail’s crafty penmanship somehow makes it humorous and smart enough for you to want to get stuck in this ferocious and at times heartbreaking reverie.

On the meticulously composed “Pristine”, the first single off the album, the agony of unrequited teenage queer love gets the best of the Snail Mail frontwoman and makes it impossible for her to not burst out with pure, utter angst. “And I know myself, I’ll never love anyone else.”, she sings, taking an otherwise heartbreaking sentiment and turning into a fun-as-all-hell singalong. Take a listen:

On “Stick”, Lindsey’s going mad thinking about what her ex-lover’s friends think of her. “Did you tell all of your friends?”, She sings with heartbreaking wonder that can only stem from sleepless nights of overthinking that sound all too familiar. We can’t help but feel the deep cut of this romantic rejection with those cinematic chord progressions happening all around. Listen for yourself:

On the musically bombastic “Heat Wave”, another album highlight, the all too devastating lyrics clash beautifully with the singer’s bratty, moody delivery. The realization of a summer romance gone wrong hits you all at once. “​Green eyes, what could ever be enough?” Lindsey sings, all heart and angst, uttering words that we all have thought at some point while dealing with an unrequited crush. Listen for that guitar riff after the right first verse, encompassing this wunderkind’s unbelievable guitar skills in just a few seconds. The music video is an added bonus, featuring the band’s lead singer battling with her demons in the form of aggressive hockey players out to get her.

Listen to the whole album to get the full melodramatic rollercoaster that is “Lush”. With impeccable emotional intensity infused into each masterful guitar riff, Lindsey Jordan and ‘Snail Mail’ are in it for the long haul – and their inevitable rise to indie rock stardom is nothing short of satisfying to watch.