Get Out, Get Inspired, Get Balanced

Our world is full of exciting innovations. But with that comes overstimulation, and burning out is inevitable. Naturally, this makes it challenging to keep your creativity flowing. Ayurvedic philosophy believes in keeping the balance and nurturing the connection between your mind, body, and soul. What goes in must also come out. So when you’re stuck in a creative rut, here are some ways to boost those juices.

Reconnect With Nature

Call it obvious, but stepping out for some fresh air is a tried and true way to reset your brain.  Our unique energies (or Doshas) are composed of the elements, so isn’t it only natural that putting ourselves at the heart of them will give us life? It doesn’t have to be adventurous—a simple stroll is often enough to ease the mind and cleanse the soul. Inspiration can always be found in the nature. So unshackle yourself and dig your soles into the earth—your entire being will thank you for it.

Turn to the Tunes

Music for inspiration is nothing new, but it is ever-evolving. The beauty in music is that it’s in the ears of the beholder, and the spark you seek can be found in a variety of genres. So kick it old school with tunes of the past, or tap into apps that can predict your taste or mood.

But First, Self-Care

Need we say more? Turn off all screens, break out the oils, or draw that bath (or hot tub, whatever your jam is). We recommend an all over hemp oil application for a natural antioxidant, nutrient-rich ritual. Our Daily Ritual Oils are designed for each Dosha, crafted to balance, align, and revitalize with the healing powers of hemp seed oil. Plus, they’re velvety smooth and feel like a dream. You can also balance your doshas by tending to your diet. Are you treating your body like a temple? Shake up your diet and you might be surprised how your mind will thank you.

Shows a body oil container

When in Doubt, Yoga

Seriously though, we can’t think of a time when yoga has failed to relax, realign, or rejuvenate. Yoga is no longer considered a one-type-fits-all exercise, it’s the practice of the people, whether you’re into powerful Hatha, rhythmic Vinyasa, or meditative Yin. Just breathe and let it all go. Inspiration will come.

Try Something New

It’s never too late to try something new. Methods for self-care have become excitingly innovative. You can transcend your mind to psychedelic spaces in a float tank, or shock your system to the core with cryotherapy.

Wherever you choose to seek inspiration from, know that change is good. Change is progress forward, just be sure to keep your body, mind, and soul balanced in the process.