Avoiding burnout when traveling

Traveling is incredible – but it can also take its toll. Is there anything more frustrating than being in a new and exciting place but feeling totally burned out? 

Thrive Global said, "If you travel at all (even one trip a year), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get TSA-PREcheck. This will save you HOURS of standing in lines, and you can keep your shoes and belts on."

It's also helpful to stay organized with packing cubes, plan out as much of your trip in advance as possible, and get to the airport early. 

Finding a balance between eating what you normally eat and trying new/local foods can prevent burnout as well. 

Happy travels!

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I also recommend keeping one pair of undergarments, a toothbrush with toothpaste, and deodorant in your carry-on bag, because if your flight is delayed to the next day, you may not have access to your luggage.I use shakes and other nutritional snacks for my breakfasts a

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