5 Up and Coming Indie Artists You Need To Know About

You need to hear about these kickass artists—like yesterday.

The music scene is forever evolving and unfolding itself, giving us new talent to watch out for and one thing is for sure: There is no shortage of cool artists that are doing cool things, both visually and sonically speaking. From folk-country to synthy pop, let’s dive into some musical talents that are taking the indie world by storm, creating a more diverse, female-driven genre that is becoming more enticing to watch by the minute.

1. Maggie Rogers

This new-age indie pop/folk star is getting well-deserved recognition for her 21st-century makeover of folk music. Taking the industry by storm with her ethereal sound, girl-next-door demeanor, and girl-power messages with her visual work, she’s definitely one to watch out for.

But don’t just take our word for it. “Give A Little” is one of Maggie’s unique takes on pop/folk, with a disco, funky feel carrying the record throughout.

2. The Aces

Talk about girl power! This all-girl alternative rock-pop band is ready to take over with their stylistic yet catchy tunes. The alt-rock and pop quartet muses about love and heartbreak, all while treating us to head bop-inducing basslines and deliciously millennial lyrics, and blessing us with a much-needed dose of powerful female friendship.

Listen for yourself: “Stuck”, is a dreamy, femme record that is a perfect representation of what The Aces are all about.

3. Alvvays

This Canadian five-piece combine their fuzzy, jangly indie pop with infectious, sugary melodies that make our hearts drop. With their manic-romantic concepts, Alvvays turn into something more than just an indie-pop band, they turn into some sort of bittersweet feeling you can’t help but want to have around.

The band’s sun-drenched “Dreams Tonite” offers a relatable take on romance and breakup. Bonus point: the retro visuals take us down a dreamy, nostalgic path that we couldn’t expect in our wildest dreams— extra bonus points for the archival footage from Montreal’s 1967 International and Universal Exposition used in the video.

4. London Grammar

Never would we expect to associate any sort of grammar with a band this cool. This English trio treats us to a dramatic yet subtle spin on electronic pop on a constant basis. With a leading voice that can’t be forgotten anytime soon and a sound that is unmistakably unique to them, London Grammar perfectly marries understated electronica to sublime vocals and melodies, making sure we won’t forget about them anytime soon.

Take a listen: “Big Picture” is an ethereal standout track with a huge cathartic feeling lifting it up throughout, and those hauntingly beautiful vocals don’t hurt either.

5. The Japanese House

Crafting a mix of lush dream pop and brooding electronica, The Japanese House makes sure to leave you romanticizing about little moments. The singer-songwriter shows a real knack for combining sweet-as-candy melodies and heartbreaking-as-all-hell lyrics, delivering a complete bittersweet experience that’ll stick with you for a minute.

“Saw You In A Dream” packs an emotional punch all while being a laid-back slice of shoegaze on the surface; Take a listen.