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Hydrate & Revive

Skin: Normal to Dry

Dry, delicate and prone to flakiness? Skin in the Vitalize bio is susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines and eczema. The upside: you’re less likely to suffer from acne and breakouts.

Our deeply hydrating Vitalize products restore your natural glow. Packed with antioxidants, they nourish dull skin.

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Protect & Renew

Skin: Normal to Sensitive

Aggravated by heat and sun? Skin in the Balance bio is prone to inflammation and redness, along with rosacea, pigmentation issues and rashes. A mix of dry and oily areas is also common.

Our Balance products are designed to calm the skin. Containing soothing botanical extracts, these formulations help even out your skin’s tone and texture, and counteract the effects of irritation.

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Cleanse & Refresh

Skin: Normal to Oily

Prone to oiliness? Skin in the Align bio has more visible pores and is susceptible to acne, blackheads and water retention. However, it’s also slower to show signs of aging.

Our Align products are formulated to leave skin light and refreshed. They help clean out pores and keep excess oil in check.

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